Honest, genuine, sustainable

Our Wine


It is our goal that our wine genuinely reflects the terroir, the grape variety and the vintage. Biodiversity, living soil and the avoidance of chemical or synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are the basis of our wine-growing. The same applies when aging the wines in the cellar.


We see our wine production as a holistic process that we want to influence as little as possible. Our aim is to produce high-quality and natural wines with character, not flawless standardized mass-produced goods.


The Natural Wine-Project

For the development of our wines in the cellar, we deliberately decided to use clay amphorae as an original and natural form of storage. Compared to wooden barrels, amphorae are odorless and tasteless. Our wines should not absorb any foreign flavors during their development in the cellar. The oxygen permeability can also be calculated more precisely than wood. Also worth mentioning is the temperature compensation through the terra-cotta.

We are proud to revitalize viticulture in Mijas and its surroundings and to ensure that the soil is preserved and improved. To farmland back to its intended purpose in the middle of a tourist environment and under sometimes extreme climatic conditions and then to produce not just any wine there, but special natural wine – that requires a lot of strength, endurance and patience. But the result is worth it.

Unfortunately, due to the long aging period in the cellar, at this stage our wines are not ready yet for the market.


Living Soil

Living soil, biodiversity, resilient vines. We work without chemical fertilizers, chemical insecticides and pesticides.


Responsibility for the Environment

A sense of responsibility for our environment, protection of natural resources and the integrity of our employees are the basis for an honest wine.

Processing in Amphorae

Genuine Wines

We have decided on the use of clay amphorae as an original and natural form of storage so that our wines do not absorb any foreign flavors during their development in the cellar.

Wine Harvesting

Hand Picking is Mandatory!

Harvesting machines compact the soil and manual harvesting increases the quality of the wine. Our harvest usually takes place at night so that the grapes do not have to be cooled down too much.

Natural Wine

Strength, Perseverance, Patience

To produce not just any wine, but special natural wine requires a lot of strength, perseverance and patience. But we think the results are worth it.

Fermentation Process

Time to Mature

We expressly refrain from any technical processes that might accelerate the wine development process. Our wines mature in clay amphorae. This is the oldest method for producing completely genuine wines.